Books in Education

Team Quotient

Team Quotient

Douglas Gerber

After twenty years as a corporate executive when he created for his final employer, PepsiCo, a highly successful leadership team, Douglas Gerber followed the suggestion of his mentor, Leadership...

School Crisis Management

School Crisis ManagementA Hands-On Guide to Training Crisis Response Teams

Kendall Johnson

This definitive illustrated guide helps schools develop contingency plans and train on-site response teams in crisis management. Updated with new information on the impact of crisis on children,...

Days of Respect

Days of RespectOrganizing a School-Wide Violence Prevention Program

Ralph J. Cantor

Days of Respect offers specific strategies for creating a multiday schoolwide event that brings together young people, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community to build respect, promote...

Classroom Crisis: The Teacher's Guide

Classroom Crisis: The Teacher's GuideQuick and Proven Techniques for Stabilizing Your Students and Yourself

Kendall Johnson

Today's teachers are faced with unprecedented challenges ranging from suicides to school violence, shootings, and terrorism. Classroom Crisis The Teacher's Guide explores children's...

Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community, and Stand for Justice

Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community, and Stand for Justice

Allan Creighton

Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community, and Stand for Justice is a guide for adults who work with young people ages ten and up on issues related to youth leadership and social justice. It is...

101 Circus Games for Children

101 Circus Games for ChildrenJuggling – Clowning – Balancing Acts – Acrobatics – Animal Numbers

Paul Rooyackers

When the circus isn't in town, children can still enjoy it at a birthday party, summer camp, drama class, or elementary school thanks to this colorful collection of circus-based games and...

Historic Photos of the University of Florida

Historic Photos of the University of Florida

Steve Rajtar

Founded in 1906 in Gainesville as a consolidation of several smaller institutions focusing on agriculture, teacher training, and the military, the University of Florida enjoys a storied history. From...

The ABCs of Literacy

The ABCs of LiteracyPreparing Our Children for Lifelong Learning

Cynthia Dollins

THE ABCs OF LITERACY: PREPARING OUR CHILDREN FOR LIFELONG LEARNING provides parents with in-depth information regarding research on the value of reading aloud, how to select great literature, and how...

The Uprooted

The UprootedRefugees and The United States

David M. Donahue

As the global community shrinks, the U.S. grows in ethnic and cultural diversity. A sensitivity to this diversity is crucial for today's society. The Uprooted helps students middle school age and...

Education from Before Birth to Maturity

Education from Before Birth to Maturity

Khan Inayat

Hazrat Inayat Khan was born in Baroda, India, in 1882, into a family of classical musicians. Initiated in the four major streams of Indian Sufism, he was sent to the West by his teacher, Abu Hashim...