Books in Family & Relationships

Hey, God? Yes, Charles.

Hey, God? Yes, Charles.Conversations on Life, Loss, and Love

Rebecca H. Cooper

A collection of overheard conversations that offer a new way to deal with great loss and finding God’s grace after losing a loved one. ...

Allergic Girl Guide to Dating

Allergic Girl Guide to Dating

Sloane Miller

In this guide, Allergic Girl Sloane Miller shows how to best handle and address food allergies in your dating life. ...

The New Mother's Survival Guide

The New Mother's Survival GuideA Primer for the First Year of Motherhood

Elizabeth Wright

This book is unlike many others. The author has been through the trenches and is able to offer personal experience and valuable information.

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids Will Be KidsTried-and-True Reasons for Thinking Twice About Having Children

Jane Naliboff

Kids Will Be Kids is a hilarious look at the reality of having children, in contrast to the rosy picture usually painted. The book also contains The Parental Aptitude Test, which is designed to see if...

The Portable Father

The Portable FatherAdvice, Encouragement, and Friendly Reminders from Dad

Stacey Granger

For most of us, Dad always seemed to be the biggest and most wonderful person we knew. In spite of all that Mom did for us, Dad loomed almost larger than life: strong, fun-loving, the most handsomest...

When Someone You Love Is in Therapy

When Someone You Love Is in Therapy

Michael Gold

Whether it is a child, a spouse, or a close friend, is someone close to you is in therapy, they need support. This book shows what you can do to help them - and to help yourself. Dr. Michael Gold...

Raising Each Other

Raising Each OtherA Book for Teens and Parents

Jeanne Brondino

Helping Hyperactive Kids — A Sensory Integration Approach

Helping Hyperactive Kids — A Sensory Integration ApproachTechniques and Tips for Parents and Professionals

Lynn J. Horowitz

Sensory integration has provided help to children with behavior, learning, and motor skills problems for over 40 years. A treatment based on play, it helps children absorb, process, and respond to...

101 More Life Skills Games for Children

101 More Life Skills Games for ChildrenLearning, Growing, Getting Along (Ages 9-15)

Bernie Badegruber

How do you teach tolerance, self-awareness, and responsibility? How can you help children deal with fear, mistrust, or aggression? ...

101 Improv Games for Children and Adults

101 Improv Games for Children and AdultsA Smart Fun Book for Ages 5 and Up

Bob Bedore

What is the big deal about improv? ...

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