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DivorceAn Essential Guide to the Inevitable Questions

Linda B. Thornton

Divorce. The very word conjures up heartache, pain, frustration, and financial devastation. In the United States, up to half of all marriages end in divorce, one of the highest rates in the world....

All That Matters

All That MattersA Mother's Memories

Janice M. Hogan

All That Matters: A Mother's Memories, by Janis Hogan, is a fresh look at the joy and sorrow of relationships as they change over time, particularly with our parents, siblings, spouses, and...

35 Things Your Teen Won't Tell You, So I Will

35 Things Your Teen Won't Tell You, So I Will

Ellen Pober Rittberg

Any parent of a teenager who would like pragmatic tips on how to build a positive relationship with their child should read this book. Parents of teens know that in today's environment, being a...

More Chinese Brain Twisters

More Chinese Brain Twisters60 Fast, Fun Puzzles That Help Children Develop Quick Minds


Get your family's brains going with 57 more creative calisthenics for the mind ...

Guerrilla Learning

Guerrilla LearningHow to Give Your Kids a Real Education With or Without School

Grace Llewellyn


Between Fathers and Daughters

Between Fathers and DaughtersEnriching and Rebuilding Your Adult Relationship

Linda Nielsen

At last! A no-nonsense, entertaining, and insightful book for dads and daughters who want more from their relationship--or who want to understand and rebuild it on an adult level. Dr. Linda Nielsen...

Hey, God? Yes, Charles.

Hey, God? Yes, Charles.Conversations on Life, Loss, and Love

Rebecca H. Cooper

A collection of overheard conversations that offer a new way to deal with great loss and finding God’s grace after losing a loved one. ...

The Wonder of Babies

The Wonder of BabiesThe World Through the Eyes of a Child

Karen Henrich

As a photographer of children and their families, Karen Henrich lives her life moment by moment, capturing timeless images of babies and small children in all their innocence and wonder. Her...

Allergic Girl Guide to Dating

Allergic Girl Guide to Dating

Sloane Miller

In this guide, Allergic Girl Sloane Miller shows how to best handle and address food allergies in your dating life. ...

The New Mother's Survival Guide

The New Mother's Survival GuideA Primer for the First Year of Motherhood

Elizabeth Wright

This book is unlike many others. The author has been through the trenches and is able to offer personal experience and valuable information.

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