Books in Foreign Language Study

The Browser's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases

The Browser's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases

Mary Varchaver

Kudos (Greek), encomiums (Latin), and accolades (French) to the authors for their enlightening and amusing lexicon, a testament that English is the most cheerfully democratic and hospitable language...


Russian A Self-Teaching Guide

Kathryn Szczepanska

Russian ...

Street Spanish 3

Street Spanish 3 The Best of Naughty Spanish

David Burke

The colloquial Spanish of everyday conversation and commerce is rarely taught in the language classroom. The Street Spanish Series fills this gap, supplying non-native speakers with the vernacular,...

!Buscalo! (Look It Up!)

!Buscalo! (Look It Up!) A Quick Reference Guide to Spanish Grammar and Usage

William Clarkson

"A novel approach--very useful for quick reference."--Mark Goldin Associate Professor of Spanish, George Mason University ...

Street Italian 1

Street Italian 1 The Best of Italian Slang

David Burke

Francesca ha una cotta per Giovanni! (trans.): Francesca has a crush on Giovanni! (lit.): Francesca has a baking for Giovanni! Ho mangeato in un ristorante caro, dove mi hanno spennato! (trans.): I...

Simples metodos de control de la natalidad

Simples metodos de control de la natalidad La primera edici—n en espa–ol de una obra cl‡sica para la salud de la mujer

Barbara Kass-Annese, R.N., C.N.P.

This first Spanish edition of the "best book on the subject" gives specific instruction on the use of two methods of family planning: Natural Family Planning and the Fertility Awareness...