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Bourbon The Evolution of Kentucky Whiskey

Sam K. Cecil

Think of Kentucky and several images come to mind: sports, bluegrass, Churchill Downs, and yes, bourbon. There is a sobering reality in that bourbon has made the greatest impact among those industries...

False Alarm

False Alarm The Truth about the Epidemic of Fear

Marc Siegel

Life today for citizens of the developed world is safer, easier, and healthier than for any other people in history thanks to modern medicine, science, technology, and intelligence. So why is an...

Daydream Believers

Daydream Believers How a Few Grand Ideas Wrecked American Power

Fred Kaplan

America's power is in decline, its allies alienated, its soldiers trapped in a war that even generals regard as unwinnable. What has happened these past few years is well known. Why it happened...

The Case Against Israel's Enemies

The Case Against Israel's Enemies Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace

Alan Dershowitz

The New York Times bestselling author of The Case for Israel takes on the greatest threats faced by Israel today ...

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

William F. Buckley, Jr.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 was the turning point in the struggle against Communism in Eastern Europe. In The Fall of the Berlin Wall, renowned author and conservative pioneer William...

The Ides

The Ides Caesar's Murder and the War for Rome

Stephen Dando-Collins

The assassination of Julius Caesar is one of the most notorious murders in history. Two thousand years after it occurred, many compelling questions remain about his death: Was Brutus the hero and...

Mark Antony's Heroes

Mark Antony's Heroes How the Third Gallica Legion Saved an Apostle and Created an Emperor

Stephen Dando-Collins

This fourth book in Dando-Collins’s definitive history of Rome’s legions tells the story of Rome’s 3rd Gallica Legion, which put Vespasian on the throne and saved the life of the Christian...

Rage Company

Rage Company A Marine's Baptism By Fire

Thomas P. Daly

One Marine's gripping story of the bloody battles, the Surge, and the Awakening of Sunni tribes that changed the tide in Iraq's Anbar province ...


Jewcentricity Why the Jews Are Praised, Blamed, and Used to Explain Just About Everything

Adam Garfinkle

"Adam Garfinkle punctures the myth of the omnipotence of the Jews with such intelligence and reflective sweep that we still can go on discussing the 'exaggerations'...

Shadows on the Mountain

Shadows on the Mountain The Allies, the Resistance, and the Rivalries that Doomed WWII Yugoslavia

Marcia Kurapovna

An in-depth look at a crucial, little-known World War II episode—the failed Allied policy in Yugoslavia and its ramifications in the Balkans and beyond ...

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