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The Osceola Community Club

The Osceola Community Club

D H. Eaton

When Cassandra Burquette accompanies a group of middle-aged women on a day trip to the small Florida village where she grew up, her travels take her much farther than she could have foreseen -- back...

A Dictionary of Uncomfortable Words

A Dictionary of Uncomfortable Words What to Avoid Saying in Polite (or Any) Conversation

Andrew Witham

Realizing a dictionary was necessary to alert the public, they created The Dictionary of Uncomfortable Words. Each word is followed by a brief explanation of why it makes people uneasy when spoken,...

Conservatives Are from Mars, Liberals Are from San Francisco

Conservatives Are from Mars, Liberals Are from San Francisco 101 Reasons I'm Happy I Left the Left

Burt Prelutsky

For years, Burt Prelutsky says, the ranks fo the Right were so bereft of amusing people they had to point to William F. Buckley Jr. as their token funnyman. Finally, thank God, P. J. O'Rourke came...

Dishing Hollywood

Dishing Hollywood The Real Scoop on Tinseltown's Most Notorious Scandals

Laurie Jacobson

Dishing Hollywood is a delightful and naughty romp through some of the biggest scandals that have rocked Hollywood - from the earlier part of the twentieth century to the present. Some of the stories...

Peculiar, Uncertain, and Two Egg

Peculiar, Uncertain, and Two Egg

Don Blevins

Peculiar, Uncertain, and Two Egg, by Don Blevins is a collection of more than 3,000 oddly named places in the United States and how each received its moniker. Some of the names are merely fascinating,...

Dates from Hell

Dates from Hell (And a Few Moments Made in Heaven)

Victoria Jackson

DATES FROM HELL (And A Few Moments Made In Heaven)' is a collection of true, funny-awful nightmare dating stories. We asked people to send us their 'hell date' tales, and they sure did! We received...

Kentucky Stories

Kentucky Stories

Byron Crawford

No sooner had Byron Crawford's first book, Crawford's Journal, sold out than his readers began asking when there would be a sequel. In Kentucky Stories they will find a rich patchwork of subjects...

Scripted Unscripted

Scripted Unscripted

Kristina Miranda

Ellie Quinn has spent most of her sixteen years behind the scenes in Hollywood, helping her father manage a crew of four-legged movie stars. Although she longs to be acknowledged as an animal trainer...

Medium Hero

Medium Hero

Korby Lenker

Korby Lenker’s first book features 27 stories culled from his 15 years as a solo touring indie artist. The stories are as colorful as his titles suggest-- “Rat’s Dude”, “Manboy and the Mafia...

100 Perks of Having Cancer: Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It!

100 Perks of Having Cancer: Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It!

Florence StrangSusan Gonzalez

While the authors recognize that cancer is certainly no laughing matter, both cancer survivors set out to remind readers that no matter how bad one's life circumstances may be, there are always...

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga The Light in Me Honors the Goat in You

You have GOAT to be KIDDING me! ...

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