Books in Mathematics


PrecalculusA Self-Teaching Guide

Steve Slavin

The fastest, easiest way to master precalculus . . . by doing it! ...

The Liar Paradox and the Towers of Hanoi

The Liar Paradox and the Towers of HanoiThe 10 Greatest Math Puzzles of All Time

Marcel Danesi

A walk through history's most mind-boggling puzzles ...

Quick Arithmetic

Quick ArithmeticA Self-Teaching Guide

Robert A. Carman

Master math at your own pace! ...

Prime Numbers

Prime NumbersThe Most Mysterious Figures in Math

David Wells

A fascinating journey into the mind-bending world of prime numbers ...

Strength in Numbers

Strength in NumbersDiscovering the Joy and Power of Mathematics in Everyday Life

Sherman K. Stein

An engaging survey of the fundamental concepts of mathematics and the many ways math is used in everyday life. This is a stimulating and simple reintroduction to all the math we all learned in high...

Why Do Buses Come in Threes

Why Do Buses Come in ThreesThe Hidden Mathematics of Everyday Life

Rob Eastaway

Deals in a very entertaining way with problems in normal life related to mathematics, luck, coincidence, gambling. ? The Independent (London) ...

A Passion for Mathematics

A Passion for MathematicsNumbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, and the Quest for Reality

Clifford A. Pickover

""A Passion for Mathematics"" is an educational, entertaining trip through the curiosities of the math world, blending an eclectic mix of history, biography, philosophy, number...

Great Feuds in Mathematics

Great Feuds in MathematicsTen of the Liveliest Disputes Ever

Hal Hellman

Praise for Hal Hellman ...

The Magical Maze

The Magical MazeSeeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes

Ian Stewart

Enter the magical maze of mathematics and explore the surprising passageways of a fantastical world where logic and imagination converge. For mathematics is a maze—a maze in your head—a...

The Universal Book of Mathematics

The Universal Book of MathematicsFrom Abracadabra to Zeno's Paradoxes

David Darling

Praise for David Darling ...

How Math Can Save Your Life

How Math Can Save Your Life(And Make You Rich, Help You Find The One, and Avert Catastrophes)

James D. Stein

How to make lots of money, keep yourself safe, and even save the world-all by using a little simple math ...

The Fifth Postulate

The Fifth PostulateHow Unraveling A Two Thousand Year Old Mystery Unraveled the Universe

Jason Socrates Bardi

It's the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and Euclidean geometry has been profoundly influential for centuries. One mystery remains, however: Euclid's fifth postulate has eluded for two...