Books in Self-Help

Don't Miss Your Life

Don't Miss Your Life Find More Joy and Fulfillment Now

Joe Robinson

For readers who have achieved things in life but don't know how to enjoy them, this is a highly practical self-improvement book with a prescriptive program for how readers can live life to the...

Turning Yourself Around

Turning Yourself Around Self-Help for Troubled Teens

Kendall Johnson

Helping Teens Stop Violence

Helping Teens Stop Violence A Practical Guide for Counselors, Educators and Parents

Allan Creighton

Based on programs developed by the Oakland Men's Project, this book offers a proactive, multicultural approach for getting at the roots of violent behavior. The activities and workshops described in...

Simple Stunning Wedding Etiquette

Simple Stunning Wedding Etiquette Traditions, Answers, and Advice from One of Today's Top Wedding Planners

Karen Bussen

What’s the preferred way of wording your invitation? How should guests at the wedding dinner be seated? What do you say to people who ask to bring their (uninvited) children to the...

GROW: Drinking and Drugs in My Family

GROW: Drinking and Drugs in My Family A Child's Workbook About Substance Abuse in the Family

Wendy Deaton

Drinking and Drugs in My Family is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing,...

STARS: Respecting the Rights of Others

STARS: Respecting the Rights of Others

Jan Stewart

This interactive workbook on respecting the rights of others offers teachers and counselors specific, easy-to-use strategies for approaching this sometimes difficult but important issue in the lives...

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