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The Best Defense

The Best DefenseTrue Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves with a Firearm

Robert A. Waters

It is estimated that every year 400,000 to 500,000 Americans use a firearm to defend themselves from violent attacks. Often lost in the statistics, however, is the dynamic of what happens when...

Great American Stuff

Great American StuffPeople, Places and Products That Make Us Happy to Live in America

R L. Jones

One of the most compelling and delightful anthologies of popular culture published in years, Great American Stuff tells the story of more than 250 of our country's finest products, richest traditions,...

Backstage Pass

Backstage PassCatering to Music's Biggest Stars

John Crisafulli

Backstage Pass offers an insider's view into the music industry, the antics that go on backstage, the food served to the artists, and a peek into their private dressing rooms.

Stolen Women

Stolen WomenReclaiming Our Sexuality, Taking Back Our Lives

Gail Wyatt

STOLEN WOMEN gives us what Mama couldn't--a way to be in charge of our own bodies. This probing, fact-based book dissects the myths, discards the stereotypes, and unshackles our minds.--BEBE MOORE...

Sister Wisdom

Sister Wisdom7 Pathways to a Satisfying Life for Soulful Black Women

Patricia Reid-Merritt

Absorbing. - Booklist ...

The Native American Almanac: A Portrait of Native America Today

The Native American Almanac: A Portrait of Native America Today

Arlene B. Hirschfelder

Wide-ranging, authoritative, and timely, here is an illuminating portrait of America's Native peoples, combining information about their history and traditions with insight into the topics that most...

Louisville Police- 1806- 2002 (Limited)

Louisville Police- 1806- 2002 (Limited)

Morton O. Childress

Book by Childress, Morton O

Tennessee Dept of Public Safety

Tennessee Dept of Public Safety

Turner Publishing

American Prom

American Prom

Richard G. Calo

At last! A book that takes prom seriously as a deeply meaningful event for teenagers. Written for teens and their parents and counselors, it does not focus on hairdos and dresses or on how-to lists...

Freemasons' Guide and Compendium

Freemasons' Guide and Compendium

Bernard E. Jones

First published in 1950, the 'Freemasons' Guide and Compendium' is filled with authentic, detailed information on a wide variety of subjects related to masons and masonry. Written by an...

USA to Z

USA to ZA Celebration of American Popular Culture

Ray Jones

What do Raggedy Ann dolls, grizzly bears, Texas papershell pecans, and country music legend Patsy Cline have in common? They are all wondrously American phenomena, as much a part of our national...

Ah, Those Irish Colleens!

Ah, Those Irish Colleens!Heroic Women of Ireland

Helen Walsh Folsom

While women in modern Western society have spent the last century fighting for equal rights, women in ancient Ireland were accorded legal equality with men. Under the Brehon Laws women had the right...

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