Books in Sports & Recreation

Baseball Prospectus 2018

Baseball Prospectus 2018

Baseball Prospectus

The 2018 edition of The New York Times Bestselling Guide. ...

Baseball Prospectus 2017

Baseball Prospectus 2017

Baseball Prospectus

The 2017 edition of the New York Times Bestselling Guide. ...

Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement

Horse Gaits, Balance, and MovementThe Natural Mechanics of Movement Common to All Breeds

Susan E. Harris

The instant classic on horse movement is now completely revised and updated with color illustrations. ...

Baseball Prospectus 2016

Baseball Prospectus 2016

Baseball Prospectus

Welcome to The Show! ...

Echoes from Lane Field

Echoes from Lane Field

Bill Swank

Echoes from Lane Field reveals the history of the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League. The history is complimented by interviews with some of the most respected Padres who went on to achieve...

Can I Get A Ruling

Can I Get A RulingGolf Rules Revealed Through Others' Mistakes

Dave Marrandette

Can I Get a Ruling? offers entertaining and thought-provoking golf moments on the pro tour that will stir your sense of justice and challenge your own knowledge of the rules. You'll share the players'...

The Armchair Companion to Chicago Sports

The Armchair Companion to Chicago Sports

Richard Lindberg

A fun-filled book that brings together for the first time the significant events in Chicago sports history. In addition to baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, it covers such minor sports as...


AmpedA Soldier's Race for Gold in the Shadow of War

Kortney Clemons

When above-the-knee amputeeswalk, we generate seven to nine times the force of our body weight right into the point where the prosthesis meets our residual leg. For me, that's almost 1,500 pounds...

How Your Horse Wants You to Ride

How Your Horse Wants You to RideStarting Out, Starting Over

Gincy Self Bucklin

Learn to ride correctly, safely, and confidently ...

Twins Pride

Twins PrideFor the Love of Kirby, Kent, and Killebrew

Alan Ross

Twins Pride recounts the players, teams, magical moments, riveting rivalries, and memorable venues, plus a special tribute to Mr. Twin?Harmon Killebrew. Other features include the all-time Minnesota...

Third Saturday in October

Third Saturday in OctoberThe Game-By-Game Story of the South's Most Intense Football Rivalry

Al Browning

On November 18, 1901, the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee first locked horns on a football field. At the contest's end, the score was tied, nothing had been resolved, and about...

Overtime Kids

Overtime KidsThe Untold Story of a Small-Town Kentucky Basketball Team's Unlikely Rise to the State Championship

Don Miller

Overtime Kids is an inspiring account of the smallest school to ever win the Kentucky State High School Basketball Championship, knocking out the highest scoring player in history in the process!...

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