Books in Young Adult


Plunder Book 1

Pat CroceAdam Slutsky

Plunder is an epic coming-of-age tale, akin to Treasure Island meets The Adventures of Huck Finn, filled with unusual and adventurous characters engaged in thrilling combats, pursuits, and ......

The 13th Continuum

The 13th Continuum

Jennifer Brody

One thousand years after a cataclysmic event leaves humanity on the brink of extinction, the descendants of the chosen survivors take refuge in thirteen contingency shelters buried deep underground,...


Below Broken Sky Chronicles, Book 1

Jason Chabot

No one but the dead dare venture Below . . . ...

Return of the Continuums

Return of the Continuums The Continuum Trilogy, Book 2

Jennifer Brody

Reaching the surface was just the beginning. ...

The Goblin Crown

The Goblin Crown Billy Smith and the Goblins, Book 1

Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Billy Smith is having a rough first day of high school. The new kid at exclusive Francis Drake Prep, Billy embarrasses himself in front of fiery, beautiful Lexi Aquino. He makes an instant enemy in...


Beyond Broken Sky Chronicles, Book 3

Jason Chabot

In the epic conclusion to Jason Chabot's Broken Sky Chronicles, Elia is a fugitive, on the run from the Imperial Guards, who have launched a city-wide manhunt and offered a reward for her capture....

The United Continuums

The United Continuums The Continuum Trilogy, Book 3

Jennifer Brody

In the epic conclusion to the award-winning Continuum Trilogy, Aero leads a group insurgents from the Second Continuum to overthrow his rival, Supreme General Vinick, and unite his space colony’s...

The Lairdbalor

The Lairdbalor

Kathleen Kaufman

“I am the stuff of your nightmares . . . you have been writing my name on the walls of your fear your entire life.” ...

The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star Billy Smith and the Goblins, book 2

Robert Hewitt Wolfe

“If kinging were easy, everyone would do it.” ...

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