Caligula The Mad Emperor of Rome

Explore all of the murder, madness and mayhem in Ancient Rome during the reign of the mad emperor, Caligula. ... more

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Explore all of the murder, madness and mayhem in Ancient Rome during the reign of the mad emperor, Caligula.

In this book about Rome’s most infamous emperor, expert author, Stephen Dando-Collins’ chronicles all the palace intrigues and murders that led to Caligula becoming emperor, and details the horrors of his manic reign and the murderous consequences brought about at the hand of his sister Agrippina the Younger, his uncle Claudius and his nephew Nero.

Skillfully researched, Dando-Collins puts the jigsaw pieces together to form an accurate picture of Caligula’s life and influences. Dando-Collins’ precise and thorough examination of the emperor’s life puts Caligula’s paranoid reign into perspective, examining the betrayals and deaths he experienced prior to his time in power and the onset of a near-fatal illness believed to have affected his mental-health.

STEPHEN DANDO-COLLINS is the award-winning author of 40 books, including children's novels and biographies. The majority of his works deal with military history ranging from Greek and Roman times to...more


A marvelous book. Stephen Dando-Collins offers a fresh scholarly perspective on the notorious emperor Caligula that succeeds admirably in being of interest both to professional scholars of the early Roman Empire and to the general reader. This is a lively, engaging volume that is a true pleasure to read. Anyone interested in ancient Rome will want to acquire and enjoy this great new addition to the bibliography.

Dr. Lee Fratanuono, Professor of Classics, Ohio Weslyan University, author of Caligula: An Unexpected General

Caligula: The Mad Emperor of Rome is a compelling page-turner, a timeless story. It reads like a political thriller. Which it is. It reads like a work of investigative journalism. Which it is. It reads like a myth-busting period history. Which it is. The author, clearly familiar with, yet never pedantic about, all the primary sources, dispels many old libels masquerading for centuries as fake news. Meanwhile he provides us with an abundance of documented stories so lurid as to dwarf the overhyped misdemeanors of today. Long ago I was tipped off to on an open secret: Colleen McCulloch's pulp masterpieces in Masters of Rome were so accurate as to be held in awe as a kind of quasi-history by the ‘Secret Fraternity of Latin Teachers.’ If you enjoy historical fiction you will love this historical fact of Caligula (the book, not the Emperor!). Caligula may herald the perfection of a new literary genre: "forensic history." It takes narrative history to a virtuosic level with a timeless story extraordinarily well-told.

Ralph Benko, Forbes columnist

There have been many biographies of Caligula, but none that have such spark and vivacity.

Manda Scott, author of the Boudica and Rome series and A Treachery of Spies, and former president of the Historical Writers Association of the UK

Was Caligula really mad, bad and dangerous to know? Discover whether he deserves his infamy – or not – in this engrossing character study of the famous emperor.

Margaret George, New York Times bestselling author of The Confessions of a Young Nero and The Splendor Before the Dark

The short, sordid and violent life of the Roman emperor some have compared to Donald Trump.

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