COVID The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science

Separating FACT from FICTION in the Covid-19 epidemic ... more

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Separating FACT from FICTION in the Covid-19 epidemic

People are afraid. COVID-19 has upended our lives as it poses new medical dangers, economic suffering and grave uncertainty about the world around us. The collateral damage is enormous, but politics invade perception. There are so many unknowns. Does a treatment work? Is a vaccine coming? How likely are you to catch COVID and how can you best protect yourself and your family? What are the real risks and what is hysteria? Where are our fear leaders? What are their agendas?

From Fox News Medical Analyst and the author of False Alarm (Wiley, 2008) comes COVID and the Politics of Fear by Marc Siegel, M.D. This shocking expose of the facts as the media covers the national pandemic news and spread of the invisible virus, reinforces the notion that we must arm ourselves against fear tactics that limit our abilities to safely make decisions and protect our families in a world of uncertainty.

Life for citizens of the developed world before the pandemic was safer, easier, and healthier than for any other people in history thanks to modern medicine, science, technology, and intelligence– but COVID-19 has stolen that security and our nations peace of mind. Now there is a pandemic virus, as well as a crippling epidemic of fear sweeping America. Why? The answer, according to nationally renowned health commentator Dr. Marc Siegel, is that we already lived in an artificially created culture of fear that was just waiting to be unleashed. In COVID and the Politics of Fear, Siegel identifies three major catalysts of the culture of fear― government, the media, and our own psyche. With fascinating, blow-by-blow analyses of the most sensational false alarms of the past few years, compounded now by the worst contagion of our lifetimes, he shows how fearmongers manipulate our most primitive instincts―often without our even realizing it. COVID shows us how to look behind the hype and hysteria, inoculate ourselves against these crippling fear tactics, and develop the emotional and intellectual skills needed to take back our lives even as we battle the pandemic itself.

MARC SIEGEL, M.D. is a leading medical expert on the global Covid-19 pandemic and the chief medical correspondent for FOX News/ President Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview, calls Dr. Siegel one...more


“I watch you all the time and you’re... like my guide to this because, frankly, you really have a good take on it. You know how important it is."

President Donald Trump on Dr. Marc Siegel

"Marc Siegel is an articulate voice of reason in a world beset by hype and hysteria. We would be well advised to listen closely to what he has to say."

Jerome Groopman, M.D., staff writer, The New Yorker

"Siegel cuts through the hype about the 'deadly' this and the 'lethal' that, and applies reason in seeking the answers."

John M. Barry, author of The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History