Divorce Is a Mitzvah

Divorce Is a Mitzvah A Practical Guide to Finding Wholeness and Holiness When Your Marriage Dies

If your marriage must come to an end, do it the right way— ... more

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If your marriage must come to an end, do it the right way—
with wisdom, practicality, and understanding.

What does Judaism tell you about divorce? What guidance, strength, and insight can Judaism provide?

In this first-of-its-kind handbook, Perry Netter—divorcé, father, congregational rabbi, and pastoral counselor—shows how wholeness can be found in the midst of separation and divorce. With a title drawn from the words of the eleventh-century biblical commentator known as Rashi, Divorce Is a Mitzvah provides practical wisdom, information, and strength from a Jewish perspective for those experiencing the challenging life-transition of divorce.

Drawing on wisdom from centuries of biblical and rabbinic teachings, as well as modern psychological research, Netter offers suggestions for transitioning through the stages of separation and building a new life.

This indispensable guide for people in crisis—and the family members, friends, and counselors who interact with them—shows us how to transform a traumatic time of life into one of growth, right behavior, and greater spiritual understanding.

Rabbi Perry Netter is the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Am, a large Conservative congregation in metropolitan Los Angeles. He is a frequent guest on TV and radio programs on the subject of divorce....more