Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense SUN Health Guide

Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense SUN Health GuideThe Truth About Vitamin D, Skin Cancer, Sunscreens, and Sensible Sun Exposure

Don’t Let your Family get burned! ... more

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Don’t Let your Family get burned!

In her newest book, Dr. Lani Simpson provides readers with no-nonsense, easy-to-understand advice about the sun and how our bodies react to sun exposure. This go-to-guide for all members of the family includes: practical information about how to obtain vitamin D from the sun safely, how to protect yourself and your family from sunburns and how to find safe SPF products and apply them properly. This book examines how our ancestors worshipped the sun and how those beliefs shaped our modern relationship with the sun. Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Sun Health Guide advocates for a conscious and respectful relationship with the sun.

The sun is now listed as a carcinogen – this is true, however there are hundreds of conditions that have been associated with vitamin D deficiency – multiple cancers, hormone imbalance (PMS), bone loss and osteoporosis to multiple sclerosis. So how do we get the the vitamins and nutrients we need from the sun without damaging our health? Is taking a vitamin D supplement the answer? If so how much? These questions and many more are addressed in Dr. Lani’s No-nonsense Sun Health Guide.

Dr. Lani Simpson is a chiropractic doctor and a Certified Clinical (bone) Densitometrist (CCD). She has praticed in women’s health care for 25 years, treating thousands of patients with a...more


Contrary to what you’ve been told, sun exposure is absolutely crucial to vibrant health. But you have to know how to get the right dose at the right time. Dr. Lani’s No Nonsense Sun Guide is full of life-saving information that everyone needs to know. I highly recommend this book for everyone!

Christiane Northrup, MD New York Times bestselling author of The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age