Europa, Europa

Europa, Europa

The Inspiration Behind The Golden Globe --Winning Film ... more

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  • ISBN 9780471358046
  • Imprint Wiley
  • Category History

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The Inspiration Behind The Golden Globe --Winning Film
""An engrossing and memorable tale.""Jewish Book World
""The sheer emotion of telling the tale is palpable. The whole is moving, and strange beyond belief."" --The Times (London)
International acclaim for Solomon Perel's Europa Europa
""The wrenching memoir of a young man who survived the Holocaust by concealing his Jewish identity and finding unexpected refuge as a member of the Hitler Youth.
""It is a Holocaust memoir that is moving, straightforward, and quite completely bizarre, unsettling in all kinds of assumptions about identity, responsibility, and guilt."" --Glasgow Herald
""Perel bares his soul to readers in this fascinating, unusual personal narrative of the Holocaust."" --Book Report
""Many of the experiences of Holocaust survivors are incredible. None is more incredible than the story of a Jewish boy, Solomon Perel, who escaped from Germany to Russia, served with the Wehrmacht in Russia, was adopted by his commanding officer, and transferred to an elite Hitler Youth school."" --London Jewish News
""A most remarkable story . . . extraordinary."" --The Australian
""This book will move human hearts."" --Berliner Morgenpost