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Hector Molina controls Gangland. From behind prison bars, he rules a ruthless gang of renegades who deal in extortion, drugs, and death. 

U.S. attorney Claude Massingill is determined to expose Gangland. He’s got Molina locked up as a protected witness for a trial that’s sure to make headlines—and Molina couldn’t ask for a better hideout than the one the government is giving him. 

Now, Assistant D.A. Mike Swanson needs to penetrate Gangland . . .  and fast. He’s got to break through the federal fence, get to Molina, and convict the notorious prison ganglord of murder . . . before someone ends up dead. 


WILLIAM P. WOOD is the author of nine novels and one nonfiction book. As a Deputy District Attorney in California, he handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from disturbing the peace to murder....more