Going to Law School

Going to Law SchoolEverything You Need to Know to Choose and Pursue a Degree in Law

Is a career in law right for you? ... more

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Is a career in law right for you?

Thinking of attending law school?

Where should you apply?

The verdict is in: This comprehensive guide has the answers to all your questions.

Written from the perspectives of a veteran lawyer and a recent law school graduate, this guide covers every aspect of preparing for and pursuing a career in law. Going to Law School? takes you through the entire process--from what you need to do before applying to what you can expect during law school to what career paths you can follow after graduation. You'll find:
* Straight facts on the application and admissions process
* Tips on studying for and taking the LSAT
* Advice on determining which law school is right for you
* An insider's look at how law schools operate
* A thorough survey of career options.