Jogging (The Sandra Hochman Collection)

Jogging (The Sandra Hochman Collection) A Love Story

Turner Publishing is proud to present a new edition of Sandra Hochman's, Jogging ... more

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Turner Publishing is proud to present a new edition of Sandra Hochman's, Jogging


First published by Putnam in 1979, Hochman's fourth novel is the story of a man always one step ahead of love.


From the Ballantine Books mass-market edition: Jerry Hess is a smooth millionaire in the priceless world of art. His life is fast and classy dinners on Monday, screenings on Wednesday, drinks on Friday. And sex—well, his wife Lillian, a brilliant lawyer, promises someday. So Jerry runs away. Step by step he crosses the landscape of his sexual fantasies. From the firm, youthful desires of Mary to the sophisticated, sinful wishes of Ursule to the liberating pleasures of Paris, the city where dreams come true, Jerry must choose between a new future with a new woman or the life he left behind.

The author of six novels with three forthcoming from Turner Publishing, Sandra Hochman is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet with six volumes of poetry. She also authored two nonfiction books and...more