Long Live the Queen!

Long Live the Queen! 23 Rules for Living from Britain's Longest-Reigning Monarch

“Does this crown make me look old?” said the Queen never. ... more

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“Does this crown make me look old?” said the Queen never.

Her longevity, health and physical stamina are legendary. Now officially the longest reigning monarch in British history, Elizabeth II has spent over half a century on the throne, rarely taking a sick day and, in her tenth decade, remains amazingly comfortable in her own skin. How does she do it?

For the first time, step behind palace doors to unlock the little-known secrets behind the Queen’s remarkable self-preservation and continued radiance. Investigating the six lifestyle spheres that have kept her going strong for decades, you’ll learn how to channel your inner royal – whether at work or at the table - in this fascinating plunge into the House of Windsor’s famous fountain of youth.

Extensively researched and delightfully revelatory, it’s the story of how one strong queen can make stronger, happier, healthier subjects of us all. Long live you!

Bryan Kozlowski is a lifestyle and British-culture researcher. Author of Long Live the Queen! and The Jane Austen Diet, along with three previous books, his works have been featured in Vogue, the New...more