Second-Hand Dog

Second-Hand DogHow to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet

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  • ISBN 9781630261634
  • Imprint Howell Book House
  • Category Pets

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Praise for Second-Hand Dog

At long last, the book all animal shelters have been waiting for is here: Carol Lea Benjamin's Second-Hand Dog. --Sue Sternberg ASPCA Report

...goes right to the heart of what it's all about... --Barbara Dyer, Director Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

Benjamin writes with love and sensitivity about caring for pets 'adopted' from a shelter. --Publishers Weekly

...a solid training program...a great book. --Job Michael Evans, Dog Fancy

Why a book like this has never before been written is beyond me. It is an invaluable guide to rehabilitating those myriad unfortunate dogs which have either never had a home or have been shuttled from one owner to another, losing confidence, trust and self-esteem every step of the way. It is an absolute must for every owner who wants his second-hand dog to regain the ability to become the warm, loving companion every dog should be. --Kenneth A. Marden President, The American Kennel Club

...Carol Lea Benjamin has written a witty, sound and thoroughly appropriate book on the extraordinary advantages that each of us who has second-hand pets knows first-hand. If you're thinking about sharing your life with a pet or with another pet, read this book first! --John F. Kullberg President ASPCA