Secrets of a Dog Trainer

Secrets of a Dog TrainerPositive Problem Solving for a Well-Behaved Dog

Easy, positive solutions that deliver long-lasting results for the most common dog challenges ... more

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  • ISBN 9781118553596
  • Imprint Howell Book House
  • Category Pets

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Easy, positive solutions that deliver long-lasting results for the most common dog challenges

Whether helping a new puppy adjust or working with a dog who’s been a member of the household for years, the need for dog training advice is constant. For dog lovers seeking positive solutions to persistent behavior problems, veteran dog trainer Victoria Schade provides fresh, innovative answers in her latest book, Secrets of a Dog Trainer.

Approaching common dog training problems from a trainer's point of view, Schade helps readers understand how minor problems can become major ones if treated incorrectly. She illustrates each behavioral challenge with a case study, then provides several '“choose-your-own-ending”' possibilities as to how the behavior might develop without proper intervention. She then shares the positive training alternatives. When executed properly, Schade’s solutions provide predictable, positive outcomes—and happy, better-behaved dogs.

From an approachable perspective, Schade delivers a valuable, solutions-oriented resource for even the newest dog trainers. Heartwarming and engaging stories about her clients' dogs are also woven in, making it both informative and lively.

Secrets of a Dog Trainer provides solutions for:


- Common behavior problems including begging, submissive urination, jumping up, barking, running away, stealing household items, and leash aggression

- The proper process for housetraining

- Easy strategies for grooming tasks such as nail trimming, tooth brushing, and bathing

- And much more!

Victoria Schade, author of "Bonding with Your Dog, "is an APDT Certified Pet Dog Trainer and owner of Good Dog! Obedience Training. She received a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of...more