Small Moving Parts

Small Moving Parts

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Foreword Reviews Starred Review

The world is a complicated place with lots of small moving parts. When someone moves one part just a little, it causes all the other parts to move in ways we can’t see coming.

Two men. One young, one old. Complete strangers who have made the same ultimate decision―that their lives are not worth living and it is time to take fate into their own hands. When their stories intersect on a single fateful night in West Texas, the ensuing friendship takes them down a perilous road neither imagined possible. As they contend with the police, horse thieves, and murderers, the two men forge an unbreakable bond, and together they discover that they each might have something to live for after all. Full of cowboy common sense that spans generations, Small Moving Parts explores the simplicities and complexities of love in its many forms and how a rare and remarkable friendship can change everything.

Nothing much grew in Bufort, Texas, but a few things did.

D.B. Jackson is the award winning author of three novels: They Rode Good Horses, Unbroke Horses, and Small Moving Parts, as well as several short stories published by High Hill Press, La Frontera...more


Harley and Dodger are captivating, and the novel’s supporting characters are equally well drawn. Harley and Dodger’s interdependence builds slowly and beautifully as they saunter on horseback, attempt to outwit rifle-toting killers, and engage in conversations replete with Harley’s prudent aphorisms and Dodger’s wide-eyed inquisitiveness. From the novel’s gripping opening, in which Harley holds a pistol to his head, to its bittersweet afterword, when the full arc of the characters’ lives is revealed, Jackson’s novel is an emotive, atmospheric, and memorable tour de force. It is not to be missed.

Foreword Reviews Starred Review

Author D.B. Jackson hits high marks and deserves five golden stars for this outstanding novel starting off 2018.

Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

You'll be torn between not wanting it to end, and page turning at an increasing gallop. Congratulations, D.B. Jackson, another winner!

Mark Lovell

Jackson is a realist about philosophy of life so his stories live with opposites and the set paths we all live. He writes of peace and confrontation, of murder and giving of life, love and hate, racial problems and acceptance of all people, of living and dying, of past and future but mostly about simple going on and making better of broken parts.

Jackson makes all the characters in the story alive and fully human, not some people invented for a storyline. In this book exists a certain quality of expectation of the older generation helping the next and of men fighting within themselves to do right and good knowing we are all always sinners and pilgrims on life's journey, especially, I think in this book, men

Larry Yoder, The Bookies Bookstore Newsletter

...a heartwarming, heart wrenching and often times, humorous tale that stayed with me long after I finished reading... Through the tragic life’s twists and turns of Harley, Dodger and his buddy Bobby, D.B. Jackson leaves me feeling nostalgic, hopeful and uplifted for having taken the journey with them.

Lisa Freberg, executive producer, One Good Man Productions, LLC