Starting Baby Jaz

Starting Baby JazA Young Horse's Journey from Halter to Saddle

Ride your horse today for the horse you want tomorrow. ... more

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  • ISBN 9780764596308
  • Imprint Howell Book House
  • Category Pets

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Ride your horse today for the horse you want tomorrow.
--Charles Wilhelm

Learn from renowned trainer Charles Wilhelm as he spends a year taking Jaz Poco Salsa, a yearling foundation-bred quarter horse filly, from haltering through the first two months of riding. In this training diary, you'll see Wilhelm's Foundation Training system in action and share the experience of doing colt-starting right. This practical guide details the safe, recommended progression of training exercises and includes:
* Instructions covering everything from the essential basics through actual riding
* Step-by-step, detailed exercises and training activities you can do with your young horse
* Safety tips for grooming, feet handling, and preparing for the veterinarian
* Advice for handling common setbacks and problems
* Over 100 photos of the training and exercises
* A chapter on training yourself--the mental aspect of horsemanship
* An appendix packed with information on selecting and caring for a young horse

Whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or an advanced horseperson, you can use this approach and these building blocks to get your horse mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to be your lifetime working partner.