The Chocolate Therapist 2nd Edition

The Chocolate Therapist 2nd Edition

An updated edition to a classic book about the amazing benefits of everyone's favorite food: Chocolate! ... more

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An updated edition to a classic book about the amazing benefits of everyone's favorite food: Chocolate!

Dark chocolate sales are on the rise as people embrace the concept that chocolate can truly be good for them. But how do they know what to eat, how much, and which kinds are the best?

The Chocolate Therapist answers these questions and more. This book has everything a person needs to know to select the best chocolate for health. Both informative and entertaining, it includes alphabetized ailments, each with a chocolate recommendation, followed by supporting research as to how and why it helps the body.

The Chocolate Therapist also includes a collection of chocolate necessities:

  • Wine & chocolate pairing section with over 40 wines and three chocolate pairings for each wine.
  • Wine aroma and chocolate flavor wheels to help readers discovers new flavors and combinations in both the wines and the chocolates.
  • The Chocolate Bible: A unique compilation of websites, chocolate companies, international brands and research sites.
  • A""Where Do You Hide Your Chocolate"" section, a laugh-out-loud chapter for anyone who has ever hidden a piece of chocolate
  • Over 60 alphabetized ailments from Alzheimer's to Weight Loss

The Chocolate Therapist helps readers discover what author Julie Nygard has known for years. The only difference between guilt-ridden and guilt-free chocolate enjoyment is simply education, and this book has it all!

Julie Nygard has been interested in health and nutrition her entire life, and has researched popular diets and food trends for more than 25 years. She studied nutrition in college and has a Nutrition...more


What an amazing compelation of facts, statistics, strategy and remedies that makes any chocolate lover proud of their addiction! I never understood the many benefits and global impact of chocolate, and Julie makes it so interesting and FUN to learn! PLUS wine pairing and recipes are a huge bonus! This will be the top of my gift list for everyone!

Betsy Wiersma, Founder Global Sisterhood Network

A beautiful, comprehensive and insightful rendition of chocolate's medicinal attributes. The Chocolate Therapist catalyzes the discussion on the application of chocolate in our everyday lives.

Anna Schwartz, RDN, Paramount Health Directions

A delicious read. In addition to my enjoyment from Ms. Nygard’s unique and delightful style, which combines history, science and humor, the book changed my perception of what I had previously thought was a vice into a nutritional virtue. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have continued to eat a prodigious amount of dark chocolate, but learning in great detail and from every angle why and how dark chocolate is good for one’s health has converted my feelings of guilt and worry to pure enjoyment. Thank you, Julie Nygard!

Edward Stein

Exciting and inspiring advice for healthy living. Pairs well with a bar of dark chocolate. Julie shows us that this delectable gift from nature could be the answer to what ails us. From what to why to how, the answers to the health benefits of chocolate are in this book.

Amy Hoeye, CPA

Who knew that chocolate was so good for me? Julie breaks it all down with a sense of humor and backs it up with science... For whatever ails you, The Chocolate Therapist has a remedy!

Damon Blick, DJB Productions

Julie Nygard has done the world a great service. I trust Julie will one day win a Nobel Prize for this work, though whether it is for chemistry, medicine, literature, or peace remains yet to be determined.

Ross Kaminsky, radio talk show host and life-long chocophile