The Dachshund

The DachshundA Dog For Town and Country

An intimate look at America's fifth most popular breed ... more

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  • ISBN 9781582451589
  • Imprint Howell Book House
  • Category Pets

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An intimate look at America's fifth most popular breed

Is there any breed more recognizable than a Dachshund? The lovable wiener dogs have captured America's heart and imagination with their noble bearing and comical personalities. And the breed truly offers something for everyone, with long coats, wire coats, and smooth coats, standard size and miniatures. This book examines the characteristics that make a Dachshund so special. From choosing the right puppy to basic care and training to old age, every aspect of Dachshund ownership is covered. You'll meet famous Dachies past and present, and learn what makes them great. All the sports Dachshunds can compete in are discussed, along with show ring requirements.