The Jane Austen Diet

The Jane Austen DietAusten’s Secrets to Food, Health, and Incandescent Happiness

What can Jane Austen teach us about health? ... more

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What can Jane Austen teach us about health?

With a multi-million fan base, Austen is already a “lifestyle” celebrity: imitating her ideas on love and romance lie at the heart of her fabulous fame. In his newest literary romp author, Brian Kozlowski offers a new twist on the Austen way of romancing life. The Jane Austen Diet, is the first retrospective look at the healthiest characters in classic literature and what they can teach us today.


Jane leaves a trail of solid clues throughout her novels, a framework for embracing health the way her elegant characters do so effortless. The Jane Austen Diet shares Jane’s approach to food, fitness, and total body “bloom.” Because whether that’s learning to eat like Lizzie or exercise like Emma, living like an incandescent Austen character should be as easy as falling in love like one.

Although the character’s in Austen’s books seem to stay effortlessly fit – so graceful, so different from us the Austen Diet is very real, and science is beginning to prove its remarkable reality. In fact, the Austen way of life is just what cutting-edge doctors and dietitians are prescribing today, they just haven’t realized that Jane discovered the “newest” secrets more than two-hundred years ago!

Think of it as the Pemberley version of the Paleo lifestyle – a witty return to Regency food-and-fitness strategies, revealing Jane’s forgotten prescription for incandescent “health and happiness” in the 21st century – no bonnets or curtsies required.

Bryan Kozlowski is a passionate champion of “lit wit” – bringing the wisdom of classic literature into everyday life. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he’s authored two...more