The Last Comanche Chief

The Last Comanche ChiefThe Life and Times of Quanah Parker

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  • ISBN 9781630262136
  • Imprint Wiley
  • Category History

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Critical acclaim for The Last Comanche Chief

Truly distinguished. Neeley re-creates the character and achievements of this most significant of all Comanche leaders. -- Robert M. Utley author of The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull

A vivid, eyewitness account of life for settlers and Native Americans in those violent and difficult times. -- Christian Science Monitor

The special merits of Neeley's work include its reliance on primary sources and illuminating descriptions of interactions among Southern Plains people, Native and white. -- Library Journal

He has given us a fuller and clearer portrait of this extraordinary Lord of the South Plains than we've ever had before. -- The Dallas Morning News