The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, Second Edition

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, Second EditionReal-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World

Turner Publishing proudly presents a fully-updated edition of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution FINALIST, Ben Franklin Awards, Independent Book Publishers Association, Business Category. ... more

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Turner Publishing proudly presents a fully-updated edition of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution FINALIST, Ben Franklin Awards, Independent Book Publishers Association, Business Category.

The world changes continuously and rapidly. It’s foolhardy to believe that strategies should not do so as well. Nonprofit leaders already know this, but traditional strategic planning has locked them into a process that’s divorced from today’s reality. That’s why plans sit on the shelf and why smart executives are always seeking workarounds in between planning periods. The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution offers a nimble and powerful alternative. In this groundbreaking book, strategy expert David La Piana introduces “Real-Time Strategic Planning,” a fluid, organic process that engages staff and board in a program of systematic readiness and continuous responsiveness. With it, your nonprofit will be able to identify, understand, and act on challenges and opportunities as they arise. At the heart of this practical book is the Real-Time Strategic Planning Cycle. Based on four years of research and testing with dozens of nonprofits, this proven process guides you through the steps to sound strategy. You’ll find tools for clarifying your competitive advantage; generating a strategy screen—criteria for evaluating strategies to be able to respond quickly; handling big questions; developing and testing strategies; and implementing and adapting strategies. This useful guide also includes exhibits and case examples showing how concepts play out in real-life; a total of 32 tools—10 of which are essential for forming strategies, the remainder great learning devices for your team; Theory to Action sidebars telling you which tool to use for a given task; and a link to downloadable content with all the tools and interactive worksheets you’ll need, as well as a Facilitator’s Guide to Real-Time Strategic Planning that guides you in using the approach: the day’s agenda, instructions for preparing flip charts, prework to be done, handouts, and worksheets. Use The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution and get the clarity and direction you need for maximum mission success.

David La Piana, the founder of La Piana Consulting, is recognized as one of the social sector's leading thinkers and consultants. He is known for an ability to quickly get to the core of complex...more

Melissa Mendes Campos is a partner with La Piana Consulting and plays a key role in advancing the firm’s research, writing, and communications to fulfill its commitment to sharing knowledge across...more


Providing a tested and clear framework for developing and implementing real time strategies which connect mission to goals is a leader's dream! In our rapidly changing and competitive world, this book is a "how to" for creating agile and aligned strategic action for sustained advantage. I highly recommend 'The Nonprofit Revolution' regardless of your organization's size or stage of development.

Judy Vredenburgh, President & CEO Girls Inc.