The Price of Justice

The Price of Justice Money, Morals, and Ethical Reform in the Law

"Real civil and criminal justice reform is long overdue, and Goldfarb's book takes us one step closer."– Senator Bernie Sanders ... more

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"Real civil and criminal justice reform is long overdue, and Goldfarb's book takes us one step closer."– Senator Bernie Sanders

In The Price of Justice: Money, Morals and Ethical Reform in the Law veteran Washington Lawyer Ronald Goldfarb reveals the injustices in our legal system and how money and power have exceeded ethics in the legal profession for far too long.

Justice reform has become an increasingly present topic in the news and media, with movements like “I Can’t Breathe” and Black Lives Matter prompting national outcry from the public over the unethical actions of law enforcement, and remains one of the most controversial and highly debated issues for politicians and citizens today. With more than 2 million American’s incarcerated, it is beyond apparent that the justice system intrinsically ensures that lower-income people and minorities are shockingly under represented and offered little to no legal protection.

In The Price of Justice, Goldfarb offers powerful testimonies, media evidence, and first-hand expertise from working in the Justice Department as a longtime public interest lawyer to reveal how both the criminal and civil justice systems fail to serve lower and middle-class citizens, and makes an undeniable case for the profound justice reform that is so desperately needed. Goldfarb asks that we examine closely a legal system that has become largely pay-to-play, benefiting the administrators and those wealthy citizens who can afford to “lawyer up”, and shows little mercy for the lower-income citizens who fall victim to an endless cycle of conviction, fines, bail, lack of counsel and capital punishment.  

Goldfarb exposes a system that values money over ethics and lawyers who value winning cases over finding truth and serving justice, pointing out that civil aid and public defenders are grossly under-staffed and under financed, making it nearly impossible to meet the challenges of well-paid private lawyers. This book begs the legal profession to consider it’s ethical code when considering cases to represent, not just represent crooks who can pay and turn away worthy clients who cannot afford absorbent fees, and equips the public with the knowledge needed to advocate for justice reform.

Ronald Goldfarb, Washington DC attorney, author and literary agent uses the pseudonym R.L. Sommer to distinguish his fiction (Courtship, 2015) from his extensive (13 books, 600 articles, reviews, and...more


"Real civil and criminal justice reform is long overdue, and Goldfarb's book takes us one step closer."

Senator Bernie Sanders

“When writers want to make sure they’ve got it absolutely right, Ron Goldfarb is the one they turn to.”

Nick Kotz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

“[Goldfarb is] a creative legal philosopher.”

James Srodes, The Washington Times

"Ronald Goldfarb [is] a moral example to a profession, to all of us.”

Robert Coles, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

“Goldfarb is one of the most thoughtful and knowledgeable people writing on the criminal justice system today.”

Tom Wicker, award-winning journalist