TwinsAnd What They Tell Us About Who We Are

A New York Times Notable Book for 1998 ... more

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  • ISBN 9781630262457
  • Imprint Wiley
  • Category Psychology

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A New York Times Notable Book for 1998

Critical acclaim for Lawrence Wright's

A Rhone-Poulenc Science Prize Finalist

This is a book about far more than twins: it is about what twins can tell us about ourselves.—The New York Times

With plenty of amazing stories about the similarities and differences of twins, Wright respectfully shows, too, how their special circumstance in life challenges our notions of individuality. A truly fascinating but sometimes spooky (Mengele's experiments with twins at Auschwitz figure among Wright's examples) study.—American Library Association

Like so much of Wright's work, this book is a pleasure to read. Because he writes so well, without pushing a particular point of view, he soon has you pondering questions you have tended to comfortably ignore.—Austin American-Statesman

Informative and entertaining . . . a provocative subject well considered by a talented journalist.—Kirkus Reviews