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A Western Trilogy

A Western Trilogy

Bill Pierce

Three distinctly different tales of the old west written in the tradition of Zane Grey and Louis Lamour. Sweet Revenge is the story of one woman's search for the bounty hunter who killed her...

The Advisor

The AdvisorCo-Van

Carl Nelson

The Advisor happens to be set during the Vietnam War, but its message is universally applicable -- the characters could be State Department, Peace Corps, or soldiers in Bosnia. ...

Silent Brigade

Silent BrigadeThe True Story of How One Woman Outwitted the Night Riders

Ron Elliott

The True Story of How One Woman Outwitted the Night Riders.

Molly of the Shakers

Molly of the Shakers

R H. McGaughey

Killing Cousins

Killing Cousins

Gene Stratton-Porter

Both find themselves with a multiple-murder on their hands! Use the clues provided, including family charts, to help them solve the mystery! Even professional genealogists will enjoy this unique...

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