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Root Cause

Root Cause

Steven Laine

Can you imagine a world without wine? ...

Task Lyst

Task Lyst

Scott Hylbert

Elliott is a struggling musician who is trying to piece together enough cash every month to keep his dream of performing alive while also paying his rent. That’s when he discovered the new app TASK...

Criminal Kabbalah

Criminal Kabbalah An Intriguing Anthology of Jewish Mystery & Detective Fiction

An intriguing Anthology of Jewish Mystery & Detective Fiction ...

The Divide

The Divide An AWOL Thriller Book 3

Ray Anderson

In this newest Awol hiking thriller, Karl Bergman, whose trail name is Awol, begins to thru-hike the 3,100-mile-long Continental Divide Trail at the Mexican border. By the time Awol and his dog,...

Murder Most Celtic

Murder Most Celtic Tall Tales of Irish Mayhem

Martin Harry Greenberg

The Irish are deeply passionate about their kinsmen, their country, their culture, and their way of life, as this collection of mysteries so richly illustrates. Slow to anger and equally slow to...

A Date Which Will Live Infamy?

A Date Which Will Live Infamy? An Anthology of Pearl Harbors Stories That Might Have Been

Martin Harry Greenberg

December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. So did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt address the American people about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that initiated America's entry...

Cain's Version

Cain's Version

Frank Durham

Lindy Caton, middle-aged, attractive and recently divorced, accepts a position as Director of the Moulton Foundation in small-town Louisiana to be closer to her aging father. While building her new...

When the Buddha Met Bubba

When the Buddha Met Bubba

Richard Hartwell

When the Buddha Met Bubba is the heart-warming story of Billy Bob (Bubba) Coker, a redneck who reached rock bottom, until a freak head injury results in the appearance of his own personal Buddha. From...

Pressure Points

Pressure Points

Larry Brooks

The game is a weeklong retreat. It’s located in a remote region of northern California. It’s designed to build teamwork, establish trust, and increase awareness. ...



Ron Faust

In a small village snuggled in the snow-shrouded French Alps, the son of a long-dead, high-ranking Nazi who had terrorized the area during the war, Adolph Streicher, vanishes on the ice-slick slopes....

Streets of Blood

Streets of Blood Vampire Stories from New York City

Lawrence Schimel

The stories in Streets of Blood all take place in the greater New York City area. Authors include Mercedes Lackey, Norma Collins, Laura Ann Gilman, Edward Bryant, Evelyn E. Smith, Esther F. Friesner,...

The Final Drop

The Final Drop Billy Smith and the Goblins Book 3

Robert Hewitt Wolfe

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