Books in Biography & Autobiography

Those Fabulous Fifties

Those Fabulous Fiftiesat Western Kentucky University

Turner Publishing

History and pictures of the alumni during the 1950s at Western Kentucky University.

The 390th Bomb Group Anthology

The 390th Bomb Group Anthology by Member of the 390th Bombardment Group (H) 1943-1945

Turner Publishing

Hollywood Fire/Rescue and Beach Safety Department

Hollywood Fire/Rescue and Beach Safety DepartmentCommemorative Book 1924-2008

Turner Publishing


SupermanThe Unauthorized Biography

Glen Weldon

A celebration of Superman's life and history—in time for his 75th birthday ...

Carl Sagan

Carl SaganA Life

Keay Davidson

Carl Sagan was one of the most celebrated scientists of this century—the handsome and alluring visionary who inspired a generation to look to the heavens and beyond. His life was both an...

The Eight Said No

The Eight Said NoA Personal History of the Great Pacific War

Joseph Underwood

The Eight Said No A Personal History of the Great Pacific War by Josephy F. Underwood AMMIC USNR (Ret)

Granddaddy Was Airborne!

Granddaddy Was Airborne!

Bart Hagerman

As an 18 year-old, Bart Hagerman volunteered for military service in April, 1943. Hagerman was wounded in action and hospitalized, then returned to the States and eventually to civilian life. After...

Call Out the Guard!

Call Out the Guard!The Story of Lieutenant General John B. Conaway and the Modern Day National Guard.

John B. Conaway

The story of the modern day National Guard, one of the largest, most powerful military organizations in the world today. Includes National Guard Bureau Chief Lt. Gen. John B. Conaway's career from...

The Quotable King

The Quotable KingHopes, Aspirations, and Memories

Linda Everett

When Elvis Presley spoke, a whole generation listened. His music spoke to hearts everywhere. The Quotable King is a collection of his words on a wide variety of topics such as loneliness, success,...


ArnieInside the Legend

Larry Guest

The most definitive and personal answer ever written to the question, What is Arnold Palmer really like? A warm, often humorous, look at one of the most popular figures in modern sports.

Call of Duty

Call of DutyThe Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee

J Steven Wilkins

Although the Civil War was the bitterest epoch of American experience -- dividing families, sundering communities, and enforcing fierce regional enmity -- Robert E. Lee was admired and respected by...

Give Me Liberty

Give Me LibertyThe Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry

David J. Vaughan

This volume in the Leaders in Action series is a biographical study of Patrick Henry. This book goes beyond the oratory to portray Henry, whose whole life seemed to embody American courage and...

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