Books in Body, Mind & Spirit

Cast in God's Image

Cast in God's ImageDiscover Your Personality Type Using the Enneagram and Kabbalah

Rabbi Howard A. Addison

Who am I? What are the sacred tasks that are uniquely mine? ...


CaresharingA Reciprocal Approach to Caregiving and Care Receiving in the Complexities of Aging, Illness or Disability

Marty Richards

Rebalancing the Roles in Caregiving So All Involved Are Supported ...

The Business Bible

The Business Bible10 New Commandments for Bringing Spirituality & Ethical Values into the Workplace

Rabbi Wayne Dosick

Spiritual and ethical lessons for the workaday world: how to do well—and do good. ...

Broken Tablets

Broken TabletsRestoring the Ten Commandments and Ourselves

Let the Ten Commandments command your imagination … and enrich your life. ...

Bringing the Psalms to Life

Bringing the Psalms to LifeHow to Understand and Use the Book of Psalms

Daniel F. Polish

Creative ways we can understand the psalms ... and use their power to enrich our lives. ...

The Bridge to Forgiveness

The Bridge to ForgivenessStories and Prayers for Finding God and Restoring Wholeness

Karyn D. Kedar

Embrace forgiveness as a spiritual principle and discover a new closeness with the Divine. ...

Bread, Body, Spirit

Bread, Body, SpiritFinding the Sacred in Food

“How can we find what is sublime in our everyday encounters with food? Where is God in the supermarket? Can we see the holy in a strawberry?” —from the Introduction ...

The Book of Words

The Book of WordsTalking Spiritual Life, Living Spiritual Talk

Lawrence Kushner

“According to the Hebrew Bible, God made the world with words. God just spoke and the world became reality. (The Aramaic for ‘I create as I speak’ is avara k’davara, or in magician’s...

A Book of Life

A Book of LifeEmbracing Judaism as a Spiritual Practice

Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

A book that charts a clear path to a more spiritually rich practice of Judaism-from the coauthor of the best-selling Jewish Catalogs. ...

The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices

The Book of Jewish Sacred PracticesCLAL's Guide to Everyday & Holiday Rituals & Blessings

Discover how to make virtually any moment in your day a significant part of a meaningful Jewish life. ...

Being God's Partner

Being God's PartnerHow to Find the Hidden Link between Spirituality and Your Work

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin

What is spirituality anyway? Isn’t spirituality about emotion? ...

Beading—The Creative Spirit

Beading—The Creative SpiritFinding Your Sacred Center through the Art of Beadwork

Wendy Ellsworth

Find Your Creative Self in the Kaleidoscope of Beads & Color ...

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