Books in Business & Economics

Nimble Collaboration

Nimble CollaborationFine-Tuning Your Collaboration for Lasting Success

Karen Louise Ray

Let's face it, the collaboration process can be a pain in the neck. The Nimble Collaboration: Fine-Tuning Your Collaboration for Lasting Success, shows collaborations how to become leaner, more...

Strengthening Nonprofit Performance

Strengthening Nonprofit PerformanceA Funder's Guide to Capacity Building

Paul Connolly

Get the most out of your grantmaking Authors Paul Connolly, Vice President, Conservation Company, and Carol Lukas, President, Fieldstone Alliance, synthesize the most recent capacity-building practice...

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Revised and Updated

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Revised and Updated

Bryan W. Barry

In an environment of increased competition, funding cuts, and other pressures, strategic planning is a sound management tool for nonprofits. This workbook provides a guide for developing,...

Stand Out

Stand OutA Simple and Effective Online Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Aaron N. Fletcher

Beat Your Competition - Increase Sales - Get More Customers in 90 Days  Online marketing expert Aaron Fletcher shows you how to gain more customers in this simple guide to marketing your...

Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations

Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit OrganizationsThe Leaders Guide to Constructive Solutions

Marion Peters Angelica

Conflict resolution designed for the unique needs of nonprofits Whether you're dealing with arguments about how services should be delivered or power struggles between board members, Resolving...

Nonprofit Stewardship

Nonprofit StewardshipA Better Way to Lead Your Mission-Based Organization

Peter C. Brinckerhoff

In an environment of increasing competition and eroding trust, nonprofits are under pressure to up their ability to deliver on their mission. Stewardship is a paradigm-shifting way to view your role,...

Message Matters

Message MattersSucceeding at the Crossroads of Mission and Market

Rebecca K. Leet

Message Matters: Succeeding at the Crossroads of Mission and Market

Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit OrganizationsVolume 1: Develop the Plan

Gary J. Stern

Don't just wish for marketing results—get them! If marketing seems too commercial or too complex, or if your current efforts aren't delivering results, this book is for you. With this...

Managers Guide to Program Evaluation

Managers Guide to Program EvaluationPlanning, Contracting, & Managing for Useful Results

Paul W. Mattessich

Your Guide to Getting a Useful Evaluation Evaluation is vital and beneficial to any nonprofit organization. An effective evaluation can help identify an organization's successes, share information...

Funder's Guide to Evaluation

Funder's Guide to EvaluationLeveraging Evaluation to Improve Nonprofit Effectiveness

Peter York

Traditionally, funders expect evaluation to show that resources are being used wisely. But evaluation can be a much more powerful tool—for both funders and nonprofits. Forward-looking...

Forming Alliances

Forming AlliancesWorking Together to Achieve Mutual Goals

Linda Hoskins

Simpler may be better: Don’t waste time on complex partnerships when simpler alliances can be more effective. In Forming Alliances, authors Hoskins and Angelica help you understand and...

Five Life Stages of Nonprofit Organizations

Five Life Stages of Nonprofit OrganizationsWhere You Are, Where You're Going, and What to Expect When You Get There

Judith Sharken Simon

The life stage model is a powerful tool for understanding — objectively — your organization's current status and preparing it to move ahead to the future. This useful guide helps you...

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