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A Dictionary of Uncomfortable Words

A Dictionary of Uncomfortable WordsWhat to Avoid Saying in Polite (or Any) Conversation

Andrew Witham

Realizing a dictionary was necessary to alert the public, they created The Dictionary of Uncomfortable Words. Each word is followed by a brief explanation of why it makes people uneasy when spoken,...

When the Buddha Met Bubba

When the Buddha Met Bubba

Richard Hartwell

When the Buddha Met Bubba is the heart-warming story of Billy Bob (Bubba) Coker, a redneck who reached rock bottom, until a freak head injury results in the appearance of his own personal Buddha. From...

The Osceola Community Club

The Osceola Community Club

D H. Eaton

When Cassandra Burquette accompanies a group of middle-aged women on a day trip to the small Florida village where she grew up, her travels take her much farther than she could have foreseen -- back...

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