Books in Science

Star Watch

Star WatchThe Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Finding, Observing, and Learning about Over 125 Celestial Objects

Philip S. Harrington

Your Passport to the Universe ...

Skywatchers, Shamans & Kings

Skywatchers, Shamans & KingsAstronomy and the Archaeology of Power

E C. Krupp

Discover the celestial myths and cosmic rituals of ancient priests and kings . . . ...

Scientific American The Amateur Astronomer

Scientific American The Amateur Astronomer

Scientific American Magazine

From the longest running column in Scientific American's history comes this collection of fascinating projects for amateur astronomers ...

Mad About Modern Physics

Mad About Modern PhysicsBraintwisters, Paradoxes, and Curiosities

Franklin Potter

More mind-bending fun in physics ...

A User's Guide to the Universe

A User's Guide to the UniverseSurviving the Perils of Black Holes, Time Paradoxes, and Quantum Uncertainty

Dave Goldberg


The Science of Stephen King

The Science of Stephen KingFrom Carrie to Cell, The Terrifying Truth Behind the Horror Masters Fiction

Lois H. Gresh

Advance Praise ...

Ozone Crisis

Ozone CrisisThe 15-Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency

Sharon Roan

The real story behind the . Ozone Crisis Straight from today's headlines, award-winning science writer Sharon Roan offers an incisive look at one of the planet's most pressing ecological...

Touring the Universe through Binoculars

Touring the Universe through BinocularsA Complete Astronomer's Guidebook

Phillip S. Harrington

This comprehensive work takes you on a personal tour of the universe using nothing more than a pair of binoculars. More comprehensive than any book currently available, it starts with Earth's...

The 13th Element

The 13th ElementThe Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus

John Emsley

The incredible ""glowing"" history of the ""Devil's element ""phosphorus ...

The Evolution of Wired Life

The Evolution of Wired LifeFrom the Alphabet to the Soul-Catcher Chip -- How Information Technologies Change Our World

Charles Jonscher

Thoughtful and erudite... Intelligent and readable...Will appeal to people who enjoyed Longitude by Dava Sobel or Fermat's Enigma by Simon Singh. -The San Diego Union Tribune ...

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes

Why Did It Have To Be SnakesFrom Science to the Supernatural, The Many Mysteries of Indiana Jones

Lois H. Gresh

Could you really use a bullwhip to swing across a chasm? Or rip out a man’s heart without killing him? At last, here is the book that finally answers the Indiana Jones–related questions...

The Noble Lie

The Noble LieWhen Scientists Give the Right Answers for the Wrong Reasons

Gary Greenberg

Is drug addiction really a disease? Is sexuality inborn and fixed or mutable? Science is where we often turn when we can't achieve moral clarity. In The Noble Lie, acclaimed and controversial...

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