Books in Biography & Autobiography

Not a Tame Lion

Not a Tame LionThe Spiritual Legacy of C.S. Lewis

Terry W. Glaspey

As one of the most brilliant, creative minds of the twentieth century, C. S. Lewis crossed all literary, philosophical, and religious boundaries. His masterpieces have been studied by scholars, yet...

Carry a Big Stick

Carry a Big StickThe Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt

George E. Grant

This volume in the Leaders in Action series presents the life of Teddy Roosevelt: adventurer, journalist, rancher, legislator, governor, vice president and president of the United States, and an...

Never Give in

Never Give inThe Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill

Stephen Mansfield

What made Winston Churchill one of the most extraordinary leaders of the twentieth century? What enabled him to inspire nations while those around him were losing hope? This volume in the Leaders in...

Let's Face It

Let's Face It90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning

Kirk Douglas

He has been one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, a hard-charging actor whose intensity on the screen has been mirrored in his personal life. As Kirk Douglas has grown older - he turned ninety in...

Surviving Hell

Surviving HellSurrender on Cebu

William D. Miner

Surviving Hell is a harrowing account of Lieutenant Colonel William Miner, taken prisoner for 39 months after his unit surrendered to the Japanese on the island of Cebu, Philippines, during World War...

Real Men

Real MenTen Courageous Americans to Know and Admire

R Cort Kirkwood

Most young Americans today know virtually nothing of the heroes of our not-so-distant past, and much of what they think they know is wrong. These heroes have largely been censored from our textbooks...

Pete Maravich

Pete MaravichMagician of the Hardwood

Mike Towle

Pete Marvich might not have been the greatest basketball player of his generation, but he was unquestionably the most exciting and entertaining. A magician at handling or shooting the ball and the...

Legendary Lawman

Legendary LawmanThe Story of Quick Draw Jelly Bryce

Ron Owens

Largely unknown except in a few law enforcement circles, Jelly Bryce was at the forefront of the conflict during America’s gangster era. As an Oklahoma State Game Ranger, Oklahoma City Police...

Killer Angel

Killer AngelA Short Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder, Margaret Sanger

George Grant

Killer Angel: A Short Biography Of Planned Parenthood's Founder, Margaret Sanger

James Edward Oglethorpe

James Edward OglethorpeForeword by Eugenia Price

Joyce Blackburn

James Edward Oglethorpe turned his back on Oxford University, his family's Jacobite schemes, and a career as courtier to a prince to settle as an English country squire. But history was not to let...

Company Aytch or a Side Show of the Big Show

Company Aytch or a Side Show of the Big ShowA Memoir of the Civil War

Sam R. Watkins

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War: The definitive Civil War classic as Sam wanted it revised complete with his edits, new perspectives, authoritative text, and images of his...

Character and Greatness of Winston Churchill

Character and Greatness of Winston ChurchillHero in a Time of Crisis

Stephen Mansfield

Winston Churchill was one of the most extraordinary leaders of the twentieth century. What enabled him to stand so steadfastly when all those around him seemed to turn back in fear? What enabled him...

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