Books in Business & Economics

Becoming China's Bitch

Becoming China's Bitch And Nine More Catastrophes We Must Avoid Right Now

Peter D. Kiernan

A Manifesto for the Radical Center ...

On Message: How a Compelling Narrative Will Make Your Organization Succeed

On Message: How a Compelling Narrative Will Make Your Organization Succeed

Zach Friend

In this era of information overload and real-time communication where anyone can publish and broadcast to millions of people with the click of a button, there is no shortage of people talking about...

Becoming a Physician

Becoming a Physician A Practical and Creative Guide to Planning a Career in Medicine

Jennifer Danek

I have advised countless medical students and applicants over more than two decades and I repeatedly found myself agreeing with the advice given by the Daneks. --Michael V. Drake, M.D.Professor and...

Open Your Own Bed and Breakfast

Open Your Own Bed and Breakfast

Barbara Notarius

Experience the joy-and profits-that come from managing your own bed and breakfast! ...

Going to Law School

Going to Law School Everything You Need to Know to Choose and Pursue a Degree in Law

Harry Castleman

Is a career in law right for you? ...

101 Real Money Questions

101 Real Money Questions The African American Financial Question and Answer Book

Jesse B. Brown

Jesse Brown puts money in your pocket, answers all your questions, and gives you the know-how to create the future you want for yourself and your family. ...

Write Great Ads

Write Great Ads A Step-by-Step Approach

Erica Levy Klein

You don't have to be especially ""creative."" And you can forget about writer's block. Because now, even if you've never written advertising before, there's a...


Aftershock Helping People Through Corporate Change

Harry Woodward

A practical, hands-on guide to helping employees through the often painful process of organizational change--whether from technological innovation, limited resources, or new management. Based on years...

Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First The African American Guide to Financial Success and Security

Jesse B. Brown

"How do we help make black America better? Jesse Brown reminds us that we gain financial success and security when we pay ourselves first." — Tavis Smiley, author of How to Make Black America...

The First Five Minutes

The First Five Minutes How to Make a Great First Impression in Any Business Situation

Mary Mitchell

This valuable guide made an immediately favorable impression on me--I recommend it. --Letitia Baldridge ...

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond Former Marines Conquer the Civilian World

Rudy Socha

In spite of the relatively small number of people passing through its ranks, the Marine Corps produce a disproportionate share of this country’s leaders. It is because Marines are different from...

Benchmarking for Nonprofits

Benchmarking for Nonprofits How to Measure, Manage, and Improve Performance

Jason Saul

The no-cost way to improve your organization on a daily basis Most nonprofits are already benchmarking informally. This unique book defines a formal way to benchmark. You'll learn how to prepare...

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