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Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives

Financial Leadership for Nonprofit ExecutivesGuiding Your Organization to Long-Term Success

Jeanne Bell

Making sure that your nonprofit is going to be around long-term requires financial leadership. This means creating a financial vision for your organization and planning how you’ll get there....

Embracing Cultural Competency

Embracing Cultural CompetencyA Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders

Patricia St Onge

Start the Conversation No “how-to” manual exists on cultural competency. And, compared to other topics in nonprofit management, little exists on the skills and strategies needed to address...

Coping with Cutbacks

Coping with CutbacksThe Nonprofit Guide to Success When Times Are Tight

Emil Angelica

Think about funding problems in a new way Coping with Cutbacks can help you deal with funding problems in a new way. Successful nonprofits today see that solutions of the past won't work in the...

Community Economic Development Handbook

Community Economic Development HandbookStrategies and Tools to Revitalize Your Neighborhood

Mihailo Temali

The step-by-step guide to turning any neighborhood around A weak local economy can be strengthened. A run-down neighborhood of boarded-up storefronts, litter-strewn sidewalks, high unemployment, and...

Collaboration Handbook

Collaboration HandbookCreating, Sustaining, and Enjoying the Journey

Michael Barry Winer

This is your complete guide to putting together a collaboration that gets results! You'll see how to get a collaboration going, define the results you're after, determine everyone's roles,...

Charisma Based Leadership

Charisma Based LeadershipHow to Be the Leader That Everyone Wants to Follow

Larry Cole

The quality of performance in any organization is a direct reflection of the quality of its leadership. What does your organization’s performance say about you? If you’re looking for a...

Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping BasicsWhat Every Nonprofit Bookkeeper Needs to Know

Bruce M. Fife

Bookkeeping Basics No trained bookkeeper on staff? No problem. Many nonprofits don't have a trained bookkeeper on staff. This crucial function goes to whoever has the time and the willingness to do...

Best of the Board Cafe

Best of the Board CafeHands-On Solutions for Nonprofit Boards

Jan Masaoka

A Bestseller Becomes Even More Pertinent First published in 2005, this collection of CompassPoint online newsletter articles became instantly popular with busy board members of nonprofits. Now updated...

Benchmarking for Nonprofits

Benchmarking for NonprofitsHow to Measure, Manage, and Improve Performance

Jason Saul

The no-cost way to improve your organization on a daily basis Most nonprofits are already benchmarking informally. This unique book defines a formal way to benchmark. You'll learn how to prepare...

Above & Beyond

Above & BeyondFormer Marines Conquer the Civilian World

Rudy Socha

In spite of the relatively small number of people passing through its ranks, the Marine Corps produce a disproportionate share of this country’s leaders. It is because Marines are different from...

The First Five Minutes

The First Five MinutesHow to Make a Great First Impression in Any Business Situation

Mary Mitchell

This valuable guide made an immediately favorable impression on me--I recommend it. --Letitia Baldridge ...

Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself FirstThe African American Guide to Financial Success and Security

Jesse B. Brown

How do we help make black America better? Jesse Brown reminds us that we gain financial success and security when we pay ourselves first.-Tavis Smiley, author of How to Make Black America Better:...

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