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Murder Most Delectable

Murder Most Delectable Savory Tales of Culinary Crimes

Martin Harry Greenberg

Murder Most Delectable is an anthology of short crime stories whose common elements include food, restaurants, and food preparation. Included are stories by Ruth Rendell, M. D. Lake, Edward Hoch,...

Murder Most Confederate

Murder Most Confederate Tales of Crimes Quite Uncivil

Martin Harry Greenberg

Murder Most Confederate: Tales of Crimes Quite Uncivil, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, is an anthology of short stories set in the Civil War in which the murders take place in the Confederacy. Authors...

Murder Most Divine

Murder Most Divine Ecclesiastical Tales of Unholy Crimes

Ralph M. McInerny

Murder Most Divine is an anthology of short stories in which the murders are solved by clergy using the cleverest of methods.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection

Martin Harry Greenberg

Guardian Angels: Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, is a collection of inspiring, uplifting stories about the most heavenly of protectors: angels....

Opening Shots

Opening Shots Great Mystery and Crime Writers Share Their First Published Stories

Lawrence Block

This collection of first stories published by prominent mystery and crime writers includes their recollections of the paths the stories followed. Writers include John Harvey, Susan Isaacs, Peter...

Border Men

Border Men

Cameron Judd

From one of the strongest voices in frontier fiction, The Border Men is a bold novel of revolution, adventure, and the spirit of the American pioneers. Cameron Judd tells the compelling story of proud...

Death Cruise

Death Cruise Crime Stories on the Open Seas

Lawrence Block

Can there be a better, more romantic setting for a crime story than a ship on the open sea? Step onto any vessel - even an inter-island ferry - and you experience an aura of romance, adventure, and...

Speaking of Lust

Speaking of Lust Stories of Forbidden Desire

Lawrence Block

This first volume in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, Speaking of Lust is a collection of outstanding short stories on that exceedingly deadly sin we call lust. In addition to being the title of this...

Murder on Good Friday

Murder on Good Friday

Sara Conway

On Monday, March 30 in the year 1220, the day after Easter, in a field outside the town of Hexham in northern England, the body of a young child, Alfred, is discovered -- murdered. Lord Godwin,...

A Rumor of Bones

A Rumor of Bones

Beverly Connor

Lindsay Chamberlain has a problem. People keep finding bodies in shallow graves and bringing the bones to her. It's not that she doesn't know what to do with the remains. An anthropologist who...



James Reasoner

As the Civil War sweeps across the country, it finds the most wayfaring member of the Brannon family of Culpeper County, Virginia, working as a wharf rat at the Mississippi River port of New Madrid,...

Murder Most Feline

Murder Most Feline Cunning Tales of Cats and Crime

Edward Gorman

When Law Meets Paw . . . ...

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