Books in Psychology

How to Spot a Dangerous Man Workbook

How to Spot a Dangerous Man Workbook A Survival Guide for Women

Sandra L. Brown

This workbook is a companion piece to the author's forthcoming book HOW TO SPOT A DANGEROUS MAN BEFORE YOU GET INVOLVED, pub date 12/04. It is created to be used along with the book and also in the...

Dancing with Fear

Dancing with Fear Controlling Stress and Creating a Life Beyond Panic and Anxiety

Paul Foxman

According to experts, anxiety develops from the combination of three ingredients: genetic traits (such as “biological sensitivity”), family influences, and stress (the “why...

Counseling Victims of Violence

Counseling Victims of Violence A Handbook for Helping Professionals

Sandra L. Brown

With violence of all kinds — from child abuse and domestic violence to hate crimes and stalking — at an all-time high, today's counselors must be prepared to treat many types of...


IQ A Smart History of a Failed Idea

Stephen Murdoch

Advance praise for ...

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