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History of the 101st Airborne Division

History of the 101st Airborne DivisionScreaming Eagles: The First 50 Years

Robert E. Jones

The History of the 101st Airborne Division is the epic story of the Division from its activation in August 1942 through the completion of Operation Desert Storm in April 1991. The Division’s...

Hearts of Iron

Hearts of IronThe Epic Struggle of The 1st Marine Flame Tank Platoon: Korean War 1950-1953

Jerry Ravino

HEARTS OF IRON is the epic true story of a little-known but significant part of the Korean War, told by the brave men of the Flame Platoon, First Tank Battalion, First Marine Division. This book...

Forged in Fire

Forged in FireA History and Tour Guide of the War in the East, from Manassas to Antietam, 1861-1862

Jim Miles

The first volume in The Civil War Explorer Series to be set in the eastern theater of the Civil War, Forged in Fire describes the significant campaigns of 1861 and 1862 and provides an easy-to-follow...

Fighting Colors

Fighting ColorsThe Creation of Military Aircraft Nose Art

Gary Velasco

Since the early days of flight, military pilots have personalized aircraft with artistic creations, giving each plane a unique identity and aircrews a sense of pride in their war bird. This...

Desert Fire

Desert FireThe Untold Story of the Air Mission That Cut Off Hitler's Oil

John E. Blundell

The daring, low-level mission to the oil refineries of Ploesti has long been considered one of the most significant missions of World War II. The Allies were determined to annihilate the very source...

Dawes Commission

Dawes CommissionAnd the Allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1914

Kent Carter

Important New Resource for Native American Research from of special interest to researchers of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek or Seminole Indian Nations. Well researched . . ....

Collision Over Vietnam

Collision Over VietnamA Fighter Pilot's Story of Surviving the ARC Light One Tragedy

Harten Harten

On June 18, 1965, thirty B-52s took part in the first Strategic Air Command B-52 bombing mission in Vietnam, a mission that, if carried out successfully, might have halted the war in its tracks....

An American Town Goes to War

An American Town Goes to War

Tony Pavia

Every single person in America was touched by the events of World War II. Sixteen million Americans served their country in every corner of the globe. This is the story of a group of men who went off...

Air Cav

Air CavHistory of the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam 1965-1969

J D. Coleman

Air Cav: History of the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam 1965-1969 is the story of the small, close world of fighting men in action. This volume can be many things to many people a book of memories, a...

War Beneath the Sea

War Beneath the SeaSubmarine Conflict During World War II

Peter Padfield

A leading naval and military historian presents the first book to cover the major submarine campaigns in all the WWII theaters. Vividly recreates the experience of submarine and anti-submarine warfare...

Until the Last Trumpet Sounds

Until the Last Trumpet SoundsThe Life of General of the Armies John J. Pershing

Gene Smith

Critical Praise for Gene Smith On Until the Last Trumpet Sounds ...

Unexplained Mysteries of World War II

Unexplained Mysteries of World War II

William B. Breuer

As combat veterans and high commanders know, logic is often a stranger in wartime. --William B. Breuer, in ...

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