Books in Science

The Pleasure Instinct

The Pleasure InstinctWhy We Crave Adventure, Chocolate, Pheromones, and Music

Gene Wallenstein

An immensely fascinating look at the origins and evolutionary purpose of human pleasure ...

The Big Splat, or How Our Moon Came to Be

The Big Splat, or How Our Moon Came to Be

Dana Mackenzie

The first popular book to explain the dramatic theory behind the Moon's genesis ...

The Science of Superheroes

The Science of Superheroes

Lois H. Gresh

The truth about superpowers . . . science fact or science fiction? ...

Where the Germs Are

Where the Germs AreA Scientific Safari

Nicholas Bakalar

Science Firsts

Science FirstsFrom the Creation of Science to the Science of Creation

Robert E. Adler

Be on hand to witness some of the most monumental scientific discoveries of the past three millennia ...

It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist

It Doesn't Take a Rocket ScientistGreat Amateurs of Science

John Malone

Did you know. . . ...

What Does a Martian Look Like?

What Does a Martian Look Like?The Science of Extraterrestrial Life

Jack Cohen

""A fascinating and useful handbook to both the science and science fiction of extraterrestrial life. Cohen and Stewart are amusing, opinionated, and expert guides. I found it a terrific and...

Marking Time

Marking TimeThe Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar

Duncan Steel

Planetary Dreams

Planetary DreamsThe Quest to Discover Life Beyond Earth

Robert Shapiro

The Quest To Discover Life Beyond Earth. ...

Medical Firsts

Medical FirstsFrom Hippocrates to the Human Genome

Robert E. Adler

An exploration of medical discoveries-from the ancient Greeks to the present ...

Unsolved Mysteries of Science

Unsolved Mysteries of ScienceA Mind-Expanding Journey Through a Universe of Big Bangs, Particle Waves, and Other Perplexing Concepts

John Malone


Instability Rules

Instability RulesThe Ten Most Amazing Ideas of Modern Science

Charles Flowers

World-altering discoveries that reveal a universe of uncertainty and constant change ...

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