Books in Political Science


CorneredThe New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction

Barry C. Lynn

A manifesto for our times. ...

Pick Your Poison

Pick Your PoisonHow Our Mad Dash to Chemical Utopia is Making Lab Rats of Us All

Monona Rossol

How the chemicals in everyday products are killing us—and what the government is not doing about it ...

The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the Economy

The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the EconomyAnd Everything Else the Right Doesn't Want You to Know about Taxes, Jobs, and Corporate America

Joshua Holland

AlterNet editor Joshua Holland demolishes the Right's biggest and most outrageous myths about the economy ...

Pitchforks and Torches

Pitchforks and TorchesThe Worst of the Worst, from Beck, Bill, and Bush to Palin and Other Posturing Republicans

Keith Olbermann

An irresistible new collection from the New York Times bestselling author and host of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann ...

The Next Front

The Next FrontSoutheast Asia and the Road to Global Peace with Islam

Christopher S. Bond

A U.S. senator and Pulitzer Prizewinner, both experts on Southeast Asia, offer a bold new approach to address radical Islam and fight global terror ...


TorturedWhen Good Soldiers Do Bad Things

Justine Sharrock

An eye-opening exposé of America's torture regime ...

Moving Millions

Moving MillionsHow Coyote Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration

Jeffrey Kaye

On the same day that reporter Jeffrey Kaye visited the Tondo hospital in northwest Manila, members of an employees association wearing hospital uniforms rallied in the outside courtyard demanding pay...

The War on Moms

The War on MomsOn Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation

Sharon Lerner

Why life is harder on American families than it's been in decades—the book that takes the blame away from moms and puts it where it really belongs ...

Now or Never

Now or NeverGetting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream

Jack Cafferty

In his bestselling It's Getting Ugly Out There, CNN’s Jack Cafferty skewered the liars and losers who were trying to harm the nation and explained why Americans had to take their...

Leading by Example

Leading by ExampleHow We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution

Bill Richardson

Global climate change?  ...

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