News and Press Releases · Lemons Blossoms to Release February 16, 2016

Lemons Blossoms to Release February 16, 2016


Nina Romano knows that only what passes is of lasting value that we are in danger of losing everything we need, including our histories, our families, our love, and ourselves. Her prose is luminous, lyrical, and passionate.” – John Dufresne, author of Louisiana Power and Light; Deep in the Shade of Paradise; Love Warps the Mind a Little; Reqiuiem, Mass.; No Regrets, Coyote

Lemon Blossoms, the second book in the Wayfarer Trilogy from award-winning writer Nina Romano, is the story of a young woman’s struggle in pursuing her feminine identity and heritage while coping with the intricacies of loss, love, and yearning


Angelica Domenico is born in a blossoming lemon grove, a prophetic fusion of sweet bloom and bitter fruit on an island governed by volcanoes and earthquakes.

In the continuation of Nina Romano’s epic Wayfarer Trilogy, an early childhood accident propels Angelica to battle trials in a world where proof of virginity is paramount. She suffers the trauma of her aunt’s death in childbirth and is catapulted on a voyage towards the nunnery to seek refuge from a fear of intimacy. Fate intervenes on the Feast of Crucifixion when Giacomo Scimenti enters the family shop, and Angelica feels herself rent by lightning the instant they come face to face.

Award-Winning Writer

Nina Romano earned an M.A. from Adelphi University and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Florida International University. She is a seven-time published poet and author of short stories, and has been nominated twice for a Pushcart prize. Visit the author at:

Wayfarer Trilogy

Set in mob-era Sicily (Lemon Blossoms, book two), books one and three continue the theme of historically and culturally rich settings with a look at China during the Boxer Rebellion (The Secret Language of Women) and Great Depression era Brooklyn (In America).

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