News and Press Releases · Nashville’s top bartender signs botanical cocktail guide with Turner Publishing

Nashville’s top bartender signs botanical cocktail guide with Turner Publishing

Garden to Glass: Grow Your Drinking from the Ground Up, will focus on a movement and philosophy illustrating how to incorporate the natural world into the drinks we love to make, drink and share with friends. From the mint in mojitos to the wild botanicals in regional styles of gin, this book will explore the way bartenders, growers and distillers alike are reshaping the way cocktails are being made, presented and consumed. Complete with recipes, striking photography and graphics, the book will be as valuable a resource to bartenders and bar owners as it will to enthusiasts of the home bar.

Bartenders can now study the micro-climates where their favorite spirits are made, and make use of the botanicals that grow all around them. Like the heady perfume of a back alley in Charleston, South Carolina draped in Wisteria blossoms, or the lemon-cookie freshness of Virginia Pine on a cold day in Kentucky, the secret ingredients to the best cocktails are often right under our nose. Much of the research for the book has already been done by the author through years of trial and error at Husk in Nashville, but some will still need to be done to highlight bars around the country who embody the “Garden to Glass” ethos. The movement is only just beginning.

About Michael Wolf
Michael opened and established the bar program at Husk in Nashville, TN, and is a co-owner of the anticipated Nashville tiki bar, Chopper. He spent five years developing a hyper-seasonal and dynamic style of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, utilizing on-site gardens, the bounty of Middle Tennessee, and a home garden comprised of upwards of 30 varieties of herbs and vegetables. His drinks have been featured in Imbibe Magazine, Local Palette Magazine, the Tennessean, Foodable TV Network, and more. He has worked as a writer since 2008 and was a producer and content editor for KCUV-FM in Denver.