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New Review of "My Sweet Vidalia"

Deborah Mantella has just received a great new review of her upcoming book My Sweet Vidalia from blogger Brenda Lowder!

"My Sweet Vidalia by Deborah Mantella is, in a word, captivating. This debut novel tells the story of Vidalia Lee Kandal, a young Georgia woman in the 1950’s, through the eyes of the spirit of her daughter, Cieli Mae. As Vidalia traverses the challenges of her life: multiple pregnancies, miscarriages, spousal abuse, and poverty, spirit child Cieli Mae is Vidalia’s invisible companion. She nudges, encourages, and guides her momma Vidalia toward becoming the woman she was meant to be.

Mantella’s prose is gorgeous. Her sentences sing. With beautiful artistry she weaves a tale both heartbreaking and thought-provoking, culminating in an exciting, satisfying conclusion and an epilogue that left me in tears. This stirring novel about the transcendent bond between a mother and her daughter is not to be missed!"

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