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Press Release-Violent No More is available NOW!

This book and the accompanying workbook is an important resource for men in domestic abuse groups and the counselors and facilitators who work with them.  

Violent No More: Helping Men End Domestic Abuse is a highly acclaimed book that is filled with real stories of men who have harmed the ones they love and found the courage to change.  Author Michael Paymar with thirty-four years working in the field, doesn't sidestep the unpleasant reality of domestic violence—included are the sometimes shocking first-person accounts of men who have battered along with those of battered women.

In the easy- to- use workbook there are  exercises  and goal-setting plans to help men who batter understand the roots or their violence, their sense of entitlement with women, and recognize that there are always nonviolent ways of responding to conflict. The book and workbook gives men the tools they need to have healthy, non-controlling and equal intimate relationships.

With a foreword from Anne Ganley, PhD, Violent No More is also an important guide for practitioners who work with men who batter.  This edition contains four new chapters, including the co-occurring conditions faced by veterans and military personnel returning from war, the importance of risk assessments, engaging men and boys in prevention and analyzing the current debates in our field.

This book and workbook is published by Turner Publishing and are available at all major bookstores. For discount options, ordering information, or bulk purchases, please contact Turner Publishing (615) 255-2665 ext. 107 or email

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