News and Press Releases · Turner Publishing Company to Publish Martin Cohen's I Think, Therefore I Eat

Turner Publishing Company to Publish Martin Cohen's I Think, Therefore I Eat

NASHVILLE Tenn., May 7, 2018 – Turner Publishing Company to publish I Think, Therefore I Eat by writer, editor and reviewer Martin Cohen. In I Think, Therefore I Eat Cohen provides a simplistic way of helping us digest “The Food Question.”


I Think Therefore I Eat offers wisdom and practical advice, from scientific studies to personal accounts, to make sense of one of life's inescapable questions: "What to eat?"

“The worst thing about food science, the elephant in the room, is that it’s not just the opinions that are changing—but the ‘facts’ themselves shift too.”

Cohen’s book asks questions like - Did you know that the great philosophers were the original foodies? To eat or not to eat? That’s an easy question to answer. But what to eat? That’s a deep and profoundly difficult one.

Doctors and nutritionists often disagree with each other, while celebrities and scientists keep pitching us new recipes and special diets. No one thought to ask the philosophers—those rational souls devoted to truth, ethics, and reason—what they think. Until now.


I Think, Therefore I Eat will be published on November 20, 2018.


MARTIN COHEN Martin Cohen is a writer, editor and reviewer with an international reputation for explaining complex issues which cut across subject boundaries in a clear and entertaining way. He is a Visiting Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) as well as Editor of The Philosopher, one of the world's oldest philosophical magazines with a tradition of writing "philosophy for all." He has also been a contributing writer for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent, and has written many successful books, including 101 Philosophy Problems which has been translated into 20 different languages and sold over 200 000 copies worldwide.